Let go your mind.

         Reset your body.

               Tune in your soul.


About Perkins Massage

Perkins Massage is a privately owned buisness located in the St. Louis area.

Perkins Massage therapy is centered around many different techniques used to help heal the mind, body and soul as a whole being.  Beneficial for every walk of life, and very important in keeping the body healthy and happy.

Being a Massage therapist and practicing the art of meditation and mind relaxation,  all helps to train the body to be able to  slow down and be present in every moment.  Taking time to intentionally quiet the mind and body is an integral part of self healing.  Listening to the subtle feeling of the body is the quickest way to healing the body, by giving it the nutrients, rest and exerceise it needs to thrive.  Ensuring all the factors inside and out are promoting a healthy and peaceful space for our bodies is the first step to healing the body.  Take steps to eliminate anything in life that does not serve you for the better, occupy space that is pleasing to the soul, enjoy connections to those that support you, and engage in habits that promote self well being.










  • Aaron Perkins,  LMT


I have studied many different soft tissue manipulation techniques, as well as energy work therapies to encourage healing throughout the body on many levels.

The most satisfying part of massage therapy is being able to find tension in muscles that are eager to release. Muscles build up

tension from lack of movement, stretching, poor posture, or repeated movements. Muscle relaxation occurs when a muscle tissue cooperates

with certain massaging techniques, releasing lactic acid creating increased elasticity. Sometimes is seems as if it wants to repair itself, but just needs a little guidance.


Schooling from Allied Medical College Class of 2005

Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Missouri covered by ABMP Professional Insurance.


Some of my favorite techniques are:

Polarity Therapy uses the magnetic fields throughout the body to increase or decrease the meridians and balance the blockages or excess areas.

Sports Massage helps increase blood flow to an area to stimulate quick response in muscle firing systems.  Can be used to calm muscles after long periods of time exercising.

Trigger point therapy and muscle tension work I will increase pressure until the muscle reacts with a softening release, through which deep breathing may help with muscle relaxation.

Petrissage, when tissue is compressed and lifted from the bone allowing blood to reach throughout the muscle to increase circulation and assist with the flush of lactic acids from the


Effleurage is long sweeping strokes usually along the length of the muscle fibers.

Compression techniques push the muscle against the bone to stimulate the release and increase of blood flow to help push toxins out of the muscle tissue.

Reiki is using the electromagnetic field manipulation to balance over stimulated or under stimulated energy fields throughout the body.

Reflexology can help ease pain by stimulation of nerve endings that connect to the spinal cord in certain locations that correspond with an larger area of the body or organs.


































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