Let go your mind.

         Reset your body.

               Tune in your soul.


Perkins Massage

Massage Techniques


Trigger Point Therapy...


Strongly held pressure on certain muscle instertion points and moving along the muscle belly can allow the muscles into slowly relaxing its fibers.


Deep Tissue Therapy...

Deeper pressure used while deepened breathing can result in muscle tissue releasing itself with the assistance of muscle stretching while applying pressure to muscle ending points.


Polarity Therapy...


The use of meridian energy lines throughout the body and the balancing out of excess or lacking of energy at certain points.


Reflexology Therapy...


Manipulation of the nerve endings in the hands and feet in order to stimulate the spinal connections for the corresponding organs, systems or muscle groups..


Sports Massage Therapy...


Can be used before or after sports events or strenous activities to help stimulate muscles before an exercise or help calm them down after a sports event.


Relaxation Techniques...


Deep lengthy pressure can help the muscles relax.  Broad heavier pressure can stimulate a wide area of the muscle belly into a more relaxed state.


Swedish  Techniques...


Starting a massage with a lighter pressure allows the muscles to warm up or loosen up the stress and tension held for extended periods.  Pressure that allows one to breathe deeply for lengthy relaxation.


Reiki Energy work...


The use of healing energy manipulation to balance the energy systems, or Chakras along the spine.  Starting from the root to the crown chakra.


Stretching Technique...


Using certain movements or holds to help relax a muscle group or use tension to tighten one end of a muscle to encourage letting tension release of the other end of the muscle.


Sinus or facial relief..

Certain holds can help relieve stress in the nasal cavities or sinus pathways.  Feather light strokes out from the center and down the face and throat can help drain toxins and decrease sinus pressures.  Jaw work can help ease jaw tension.

Energy Work Techniques


Energy / Reiki Work Session


Energy work is used to balance the energy flow of the chakra system throughout the body.  Hands above or on the body help stimulate areas of slow energy, and help calm increased energy centers.


Traveling Table Massage


Traveling Massage Therapist


Will travel to location and set up massage table for an hour or hour and a half therapy session  with attention to certain problem areas.  Everything one needs for a nice relaxing massage tailored to the individual needs of each person.  Great for last minute relaxation needs.

Masks are not encouraged due to the 30% drop in oxygen levels. Oxygen intake is an important aspect of muscle relaxation.

Traveling Chair Massage


Traveling Chair Massage Therapist


Will travel to location and set up a massage chair for mulitiple individuals for shorter periods of time.  Perfect for the the corporate employee appreciation event, or spa day for fun.  Sessions generaly consist of many individuals receive 10-15 minutes of treatment usually  focused on back, arm or neck areas.

Local Table Massage


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